Table 2. CSF PGRN estimates (pg/ml) in MCs and NCs as a function of EYO
Estimated years from expected symptom onset (EYO)
Mutation carriers9921,0221,0521,0821,1121,1421,1721,202
95% CI[−104, 140][−64, 151][−27, 165][4, 184][29, 210][48, 242][62, 279][72, 319]
  • CI, confidence interval.

  • Mean estimated levels of CSF PGRN were obtained by a linear model including gender, mutation status, EYO and the interaction between mutation status and EYO as covariates (see Statistical analysis section and Appendix Table S2). For each EYO, the group difference, 95% CI and the P‐value for the two‐sample independent t‐test are reported. Participants with EYO > +20 (1 NC and 2 MC) were excluded from the analysis. The same analysis including the PGRN outliers and those participants with an EYO > +20 yielded identical results (Appendix Table S3). Differences are calculated from unrounded values.

  • a Significant difference.