Table 4. Classification tables
BiomarkersAD versus CNPMCI versus SMCI
Correct overall, %Correct ADCorrect CNCorrect overall, %Correct PMCICorrect SMCI
No covariates
T‐tau only73.859/9390/10968.095/10420/65
Ng only66.346/9388/10963.998/10410/65
NFL only72.360/9386/10964.5102/1047/65
T‐tau & Ng75.259/9393/10968.696/10420/65
T‐tau & NFL73.361/9387/10969.896/10422/65
Ng & NFL70.859/9384/10965.195/10415/65
T‐tau & Ng & NFL76.766/9389/10969.896/10422/65
Adjusted for age, sex, education, and Aβ42
T‐tau only81.773/9392/10972.790/10433/65
Ng only75.772/9381/10971.690/10431/65
NFL only85.179/9393/10973.493/10431/65
T‐tau & Ng80.774/9389/10972.890/10433/65
T‐tau & NFL84.778/9393/10973.493/10431/65
Ng & NFL84.779/9392/10971.089/10431/65
T‐tau & Ng & NFL84.778/9393/10972.191/10431/65
  • Classification tables from logistic regression models using a threshold of 50% for predicted probabilities. AD, Alzheimer's disease dementia; CN, healthy controls; PMCI, progressive mild cognitive impairment; SMCI, stable mild cognitive impairment.