Table 1. Conceptual differences in medical procedures between conventional versus synthetic biology enabled diagnostics
Conventional diagnosticsSynthetic biology enabled diagnostics
Diagnostic procedureCentralized clinical biochemistry laboratory, high resource requirementsAmbulatory, close to patient, potentially in vivo, low resource, delocalized
Sample managementPre‐treatment, large volumesRaw, small volumes
Nature of biomarkersParallelized, static, disconnected from patient pathophysiologyMultiplexed, dynamic, in situ, close to patient pathophysiology
Data transmissionDelayed, complex interfacesReal‐time, integrated signal processing, local/remote readout
Link to therapyDelayed, through physician evaluationDirect, in situ, through programmable decision algorithms: remote supervision
Data managementFiles, registriesEmbedded memory
Medical benefitRobustness, gold standardPatient comfort/care, personalized solutions, patient commitment
DevelopmentHigh cost and lengthyShort and low‐cost design to production