Table 2. Toward a more complete modeling of the pathogenesis of AD amyloid
1995APP transgenic mousePlaque PathologyOverexpression, no downstream pathologyGames et al (1995)
2000MAPT mutant transgenic mouseTangle PathologyOverexpression: no plaque pathologyLewis et al (2000)
2001APP X MAPT transgenic micePlaque and tangle pathologyOverexpression of both transgenes: artificiality of two mutationsLewis et al (2001)
2012Down's syndrome derived stem cell neuronsDiffuse plaque pathology: evidence for pre‐tanglesNot full pathologyShi et al (2012)
2014Complex APP mutation knockin into mouse genomePlaque pathology without overexpressionArtificiality of multiple mutations: no downstream pathologySaito et al (2014)
2014Overexpression of APP mutations in human neuronal lines in gel systemConvincing plaque pathology and also tangle pathologyOverexpressionChoi et al (2014)
2015APP and PSEN mutant stem cell linesDiffuse plaque pathology and tau pathologyMoore et al (2015)