Table 2. Summary of the linear mixed model analysis with CSF sTREM2 as outcome variable and diagnostic group, gender, age, and center as predictor variables
Diagnostic groupUnadjusted mean95% CIAdjusted mean*95% CIn
Control−0.367−0.398, −0.337−0.294−0.387, −0.201150
Preclinical AD−0.289−0.368, −0.211−0.273−0.371, −0.17563
MCI‐AD−0.149a,b, c−0.191, −0.106−0.171d,e,f−0.265, −0.077111
AD dementia−0.259a−0.273, −0.188−0.261−0.353, −0.168200
  • AD, Alzheimer's disease; CI, confidence interval; CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; MCI‐AD, MCI due to AD.

  • CSF sTREM2 levels are expressed in their log‐transformed values. They are shown as unadjusted means and 95% CI (P‐values calculated by one‐way ANOVA) and adjusted (*) for gender and age (fixed effects) and center (random effects) in a linear mixed model.

  • Adjustments based on age mean = 70.26. Post hoc comparisons (Bonferroni):

  • a P < 0.0001 versus control.

  • b P = 0.004 versus preclinical AD.

  • c P = 0.048 versus AD dementia.

  • d P = 0.002 versus control.

  • e P = 0.062 versus preclinical AD.

  • f P = 0.013 versus AD dementia.

  • Note that the increase of CSF sTREM2 in MCI‐AD compared to the control and the AD dementia groups is still significant after adjusting by gender, age, and center.