Table 2. Summary of genetic screens for modifiers of protein‐misfolding toxicity and inclusion formation in small model organisms
Table 2.
  • Screen setup indicates whether screen was performed using mutagenesis (deletion libraries, transposon based insertion), transgenic overexpression (XS) or knockdown (RNAi, RNA interference). Estimations for the number of encoded proteins in the genome are based on Ruben et al (2000). The ‘percentage screened for’ indicates the number of genes screened for/manipulated (GOF and LOF) as a percentage of the predicted number of proteins. Toxicity and inclusions indicate whether the screen included the formation of inclusions or the exertion of toxicity as a read for the screen, this does not indicate all genes screened for where tested accordingly. BWM, body wall muscle; LOF, loss‐of‐function; GOF, gain‐of‐function; n.a., not applicable.

  • a Genome‐wide RNAi screens correspond to the assaying of RNAi knockdown ∼17,000 genes using the Ahringer RNAi library (ref).

  • b Candidates based on previous findings. SOD, superoxide dismutase; mutation of which is involved in amyloid lateral sclerosis (ALS), Sca1/3 Spinocerebellar ataxia genes 1/3.